Young Adult Mental Health Treatment

Every generation has its trials and tribulations and the young adults of today are no different. As a young person today you have to deal with a world that is harsh, critical, crazy busy and wired 24 hours a day. Despite having more choice than ever, young people find themselves seeking more psychiatric or mental health treatment for illnesses like anxiety, depression and ADHD. They are also feeling more helpless than ever. Rates of reported stress is growing along with self harm rates and there seems to be few of us who are unaffected by someone in their life who hasn’t suffered or is suffering from mental illness.

Since 2011, we have been keen to address the psychiatric needs of young adults and over the last two years we have learned a great deal about what they need. When the opportunity to expand our service came about, it was clear, that the group that mostly needed their own space were our younger patients.

Young people aged 16-25 have unique problems they are dealing with. We gathered a wide range of experts in this area and held several workshops to develop our ideas further. Years of clinical experience from teachers, school counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists came together to create this program.  We explored the latest scientific evidence related to delivering therapy to young adults and identified key areas we had to address.

We are simply creating the space away from all external distractions to help young people work themselves out and figure out what direction you need to take once they leave the clinic. The  program is based on five keystones of understanding; my illness, myself, my world, my family and finally my safety.

Families and friends are essential for recovery. By the time we meet young adults, often not only are they suffering but so is everyone around them. The YA program encourages family members to attend the family information evenings to find out more.

Creativity is also an essential part of recovery. Art therapy, horticulture therapy, exercise, medication and role playing are all integral to the program.

Your treatment does not finish at the end of the 21 day hospital stay. We know that your journey has only just started so with the help of our staff, we will help map out a plan for your discharge. We look forward to greeting you soon at YA@theloft.

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